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Back in the Day

Elisha Gray was a pioneering inventor in the communications industry. Although Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the invention of the telephone, Gray had independently and concurrently developed it and there was great controversy over who was really first.

One of Gray’s later inventions was the telautograph, a machine that used potentiometers and servomechanisms to make possible the transmission of handwriting over distances via the telegraph network. The device, an analog electromechanical forerunner to the fax machine, was a commercial success and served multiple industries.

What’s Past is Prologue

The telautograph was an early manifestation of a powerful technological concept. The device enabled real-time manipulation of a tool remotely over a communications network. The scope of the invention was limited to handwriting, but the potential was much larger.

Imagine what Elisha Gray would have developed if he had today’s technologies at his disposal, like the Internet, 5G mobile networks, advanced sensors, virtual reality, and collaborative robots. (Well, that’s what we did.)

The focus of modern technology left the desktop for the pocket, and has been carried into many more aspects of daily life. At the same time, there has been a shift toward more tangible applications. We are early into the era of mass automation. Actuation has joined audio and visual output in the experience. The way we live and work is due for remarkable change. There is no doubt. Things are about to get interesting!

Mission Statement

Our goal is to facilitate the performance of skilled manipulation tasks in a commercial or industrial environment without having to be physically present to do the work in person. This would make it possible to draw from a worldwide workforce and achieve labor arbitrage without having to relocate plant and equipment.

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