Zownir Enterprises LLC

Anywhere is Possible

Our mission is to bring the world within arm’s reach by combining robotics with virtual reality. Think of the solution as telecommuting for physical work. We are pioneering the Displaced Reality genre of VR. DR teleports your senses and remote actuation enables you to manipulate things from afar. The kind of location independence this exciting technological marriage promises will be game changing for businesses that rely on fixed assets coupled with labor. It is a hybridized automation system that bridges manual labor and unattended automation.


November 2018

We’ll be back at Slush again this year in Helsinki, Finland from December 4–5, 2018. (Koska joskus ohjelmoijat tarvitsevat lonkero, laserit, ja karaoke.)

November 2017

We’re excited to be attending Slush in Helsinki, Finland from November 30–December 1, 2017. While America is the land of opportunity, Finland is the land of making a genuine effort against impossible odds. That sounds like the perfect place to kick-off an ambitious startup. Nähdään siellä!